Long-Term Temporary Housing

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Safe Harbour has been providing secure housing for homeless and nearly homeless children and adults for more than three decades.

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Long-term temporary housing in downtown Carlisle’s James Wilson facility is designed to serve as a transition between short-term emergency shelter and sustainable independent living in the community.

Residents who are not prepared to move from Safe Harbour’s short-term emergency shelter to independent living within 90 days of their stay will transition into long-term temporary housing.

The 19-unit residential facility includes 11 single rooms and eight apartments to house homeless or nearly homeless individuals and families while providing them with life-skills programs to assist their return to self-sufficient living. Residents are eligible to participate in this temporary housing and supportive living environment for 12 months. They must meet low-income criteria.

Safe Harbour’s client services staff and residents create individualized plans to help residents obtain permanent housing and the skills needed to maintain it, breaking cycle of the homelessness and improving residents’ emotional and physical stability.

Activities for children are designed help develop healthy and wholesome adults. A support program for parents helps them develop appropriate and helpful parenting skills.

In addition to education and counseling opportunities, recreation and leisure activities are designed to be fun and informative. The shelter includes a library, recreational space, and a computer lab for job searches and other internet communications.

All activities are focused on helping residents live proactively and purposefully, avoiding the pitfalls of surviving from “crisis-to-crisis.”

By providing a safe environment with educational and counseling opportunities, Safe Harbour strives to strengthen residents’ emotional stability, life and employment skills, and self-esteem.

Ultimately, we endeavor to improve the quality of their lives.