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Safe Harbour has been providing secure housing for homeless and nearly homeless children and adults for more than three decades.

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Safe Harbour’s housing programs continually operate at full capacity, demonstrating the unfortunate but undeniable need for the safety net it provides for the community.

Numerous factors contribute to the local and national dilemma of homelessness, ranging from personal and family-specific reasons (including life-altering events, mental illness, death, and addiction issues) to economic trends that plague communities across the nation.

National data proves that families are still feeling the effects of the devastating economic downturn and the collapse of the housing market and subsequent foreclosures. Slow recovery from this crisis has led to an increase in poverty and a shortage of affordable rental housing which stifles low-income people from obtaining the level of self-sufficiency they desire.

Safe Harbour provides a full continuum of housing and supportive services – ranging from short- and long-term temporary shelters to permanent residence – designed to create a connection between the shelter and independent living in the community.

The organization provides temporary refuge and care for people who are in immediate need and are homeless. They have no permanent legal residence (whether it is owned, leased, or shared) in which they can live safely and healthfully both night and day and in which they can meet their basic and social needs with privacy and dignity.

Our programs help homeless or nearly homeless individuals and families by providing housing and individual service plans, teaching residents the values and skills they need for their future independent and self-sufficient living.